First Cypher GM game! (not Numenera, does it count?)

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    Rui Ramalho

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to share that I ran my first Cypher system game on Saturday and my players loved it! It’s a low sci-fi universe loosely based on the Aliens franchise. The game flowed seamlessly, and as a really obsessed-by-details GM, with this system, I could step back and just concentrate on the story.

    Players engaged with the system from the word go. Character creation was longer than usual, but they were pleased with all the descriptor and foci options. Highlights were their faces as they rolled for Cyphers (whilst digging around in a junkyard)  and an intrusion due to a 1 during combat (your pool cue misses the other navy officer (fight in a bar, my guys are Marines), hits a column, snaps and hits your mate. He’s shaken, misses next turn).

    Can’t wait for the second session! 🙂


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    Charles Ryan
    Charles Ryan

    Sounds like a great session! (And yes, it counts!)

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