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    Charles Ryan
    Charles Ryan

    Just out of curiosity, have you scheduled your game? If so, when will you be running it?

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    Martin Tenbones

    Jan 30! My debut as a GM.

    Your NaNewGaMo posts have been very helpful, though I’m running The Strange with my players.

    Starting on Earth with “Dark Spiral” Estate training missions…


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    Charles Ryan
    Charles Ryan

    Sounds like fun. I’ve tried to ensure that most of the NaNewGaMo advice is easily transferable to other games.

    I ran a campaign of The Strange for quite a while–it’s a great setting!

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    Philipp Tsenin

    Scheduled for the 30th also.

    I have lready tryed GMing for Numenera once (it was “Into the Violet Valley”) so some of my players are already familliar with the rules. With others I’m going to meet one of these days to tell about setting and the rules.

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    We have our game scheduled for Wednesday the 3rd! We have already had a character creation and rules/setting overview session, so we will be diving right into the story this week.

    I have played the role of GM in Pathfinder in the past, and have played D&D since 2nd ed. along with occasional bouts of Shadowrun. We have a party of 4, an even gender split in the group, along with 3 experienced role players and 1 first timer.

    I am going to be using “The Beale of Boregal” as the intro adventure, as was guided through the NaNewGaMo blog posts, but I have made a few modifications to the responses from the towns folk in Embered Peaks as well as to the ominous statements Boregal mutters in his confusion during the final encounter. I have interspersed enough hints that, with a little bit of digging, the PC’s could pick up a trail that would send them in the direction of Uxphon looking for answers from Baron Tichronus. This will hopefully let us smoothly segue into running The Devil’s Spine after the conclusion of this adventure. I will report back with how it goes!

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    Charles Ryan
    Charles Ryan

    Sounds great! Let us know how it goes!

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