January is National New Gamemaster Month. We at Monte Cook Games have taken it upon ourselves to declare it so. And to give it the pithy (and perhaps a bit silly) acronym NaNewGaMo. (If you’re familiar with National Novel Writing Month, you’ll recognize the inspiration for that moniker.)

Why have a National (international, really) New Gamemaster Month? Well, one thing we love to do at MCG is make gaming easier—our products are always geared around that idea. And one of the hardest things for many gamers (those new to gaming, and those who’ve played for a long time, but never sat behind the proverbial GM screen) is taking the plunge into running an RPG. Becoming the gamemaster. It comes naturally to some folk, but many find the idea every bit as daunting as it is appealing. If that’s you, you’re who NaNewGaMo is for! We want to make it easier for you.

Here you will find the archives of any NaNewGaMo post we do, the NaNewGaMo Forums, and any other NaNewGaMo resources we create.

NaNewGaMo Resources