Special Projects Forums

One of the elements of Special Projects @ Monte Cook Games is a holding place for past and current forums. These forums are great places to communicate with other Monte Cook Games fans and get insight into the Monte Cook Games process. If you need help using the forums, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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NaNewGaMo Forum

NaNewGaMoTitleTransNaNewGaMo is an effort to get more people running Games. The NaNewGaMo forums are a place for new Game Masters to ask advice of other players and Game Masters as well as provide their own insights into the process of running games.

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The Pitch Room

mcg_widelogopitchroomCreated as part of The Strange kickstarter, one of our private forums, The Pitch Room, is a location for The Strange backers to communicate and pitch new ideas to the Monte Cook Games creative staff. This forums is only available to certain backers of The Strange kickstarter.

Asset Team

assetteamhub_widelogoThe Asset Team forums are private forums for the use of members of the Monte Cook Games Asset Team, a group of dedicated fans who run games at conventions and gaming stores. If you are interested in becoming an Asset Team member, check out our main contact page here to see if we are currently accepting new members.